See you all around, but not here

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But I’m no longer going to be using this website – I’ve consolidated things and you can find it all at my new website.  See you there (click this link – Kirk Salisbury


New logo for Phoenix

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I decided it was time to start breaking away from my usual logo, so I made a new one. Check it out.

I’m especially proud of this one, because it’s the first logo that I’ve designed which I feel is all of these elements:

  • Clean
  • Clear
  • Modern

Both in the words of the logo which have some style themselves to it, and also in the shape of the logo, the full message is received.  What’s even better about it is that it is memorable, and easy to use for any of the sites that support for example, go take a look at Buckeye Arizona Homes for sale and you’ll see the similar look adopted, but modified for Buckeye.  Because this is a supporting site for Phoenix, ultimately it will lead into Phoenix’s IDX and you will see the Phoenix logo at the top of the page.  Because the transition is smooth, potential customers won’t feel as though they have traveled to a different website, and if they do it still says “Phoenix” which when we talk about Buckeye, often times we also talk about Phoenix.

All around, this is one of my most proud graphic moments.  Oh, and one last thing about it, notice how the green grows from the bottom of it.  That flows perfectly into the color scheme of the page.  I’m not a designer, but this certainly has those elements of design.

Firefox 6.0?

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I’m pretty confident that I upgraded to Firefox 4.0 just earlier this year. Now we’re onto 6.0, and 7.0 is in beta? I’m not understanding the rapid succession of releases.

If you ask me, 4.0 actually worked better than 5.0 because of compatability issues (Google Toolbar for example, does not work on 5.0). Now that we’re onto 6.0 I’ll probably loose other tools such as my rank checker. I just checked, and SEO Book did add support within the first 24 hours. Way to go SEO Book . I’m a little irked by the constant changes.

But from a marketing perspective, I wonder how this is going to go. This is certainly keeping Mozilla in the spotlight, and pretty much any press is well… good press (even if it’s bad press). Maybe enough of those people who have been living in a cave and continue to insist on using Internet Explorer will wake up and change to a different browser. And yes, hopefully for their sakes, that browser is Firefox (or Chrome).

Side note, Firefox really bogs down my system after about 8 hours of extensive use (one work day). The browser ends up using over 1.4gig of memory! That can be hard on a lap top with 4 gigs that’s running several other browsers, and Photoshop and some Microsoft Office things at the same time.

Luxury Homes in Dallas Georgia

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When talking about Dallas, I feel really weird putting the word Georgia in front of it.  So yes, I’m talking about Dallas GA, eastern coast state Georgia.

Some areas have luxury homes that are millions and billions (not really billions) of dollars.  The homes in Dallas Georgia which are considered luxury peak out at half of a million, and yes they still are luxury.  It’s awesome that there are certain parts of the states that were hit so hard by the housing downfall that it’s created opportunities like this, so go and check out these Dallas Luxury Homes.


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Phoenix Homes For Sale

So far I’ve been working on the East Coast.  Well, I’m going global!  OK, maybe it’s not global, but I’m spreading the nation.  Homes being sold in Arizona are going to be from my work that I’m doing on a network of websites out there.  The flagship website that we’re dealing with though is actually a .info instead of a .com.  Let’s see how things go!  Stop by Arizona Homes For Sale.

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It’s interesting, when talking about SEO basically we are talking about being #1 in Google.  Well, that’s for good reason, because 80% of searches are done in Google.

But Google is hard to be #1 in.  They have their old dogs that are their favorites, and they just don’t seem to be very nice to the newcomers – they put you in limbo, also known as being put into the sandbox, and seeing results from Google can take …. AGES.  And whenever Google makes a change, you’re sunk.  Some people try hard to become #1 in Google, and then their website is banned by Google for not following Google’s rules.  It would be nice if they didn’t rule the world.

Well, they don’t rule the world, remember they just rule 80% of it.  There’s still Yahoo and Bing, which are pretty much one in the same now.  See for yourself, do a Yahoo search, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see it “results powered by Bing.”  Way to go Bing, two kittens teaming up to mess with the cat – won’t work very well.  That aside, 20% of the searches still go there (20% of one million searches for a specific term isn’t bad).  And they aren’t hard to rank in!

For example, I’ve been working on a website for Cape Coral real estate, and I just made some place holders while I went elsewhere to work on other sites.  I made a page called Short Sales which literally said “this page will have short sales.  Short sales are a great way to buy a home.” Then over in the Phillipines I had Andre working on creating links to that page.  Then check this out, only a matter of a week or two later, the search term Cape Coral Florida (which gets nearly a million searches a month in Google, so 200,000 in Bing) is #4!  The funny thing is, it goes to the internal page of short sales – the one with only one sentence.

Here’s the moral of the story – thank goodness for Yahoo and Bing.  Because of them, our websites still get plenty of traffic while we wait for Google to come around.  Now, for the sake of making a post and talking about the website, I better have a link back to what I’m talking about!  So go check out Cape Coral Florida Homes For Sale.  I’ve done all the work on it from the very ground up.  I’m enjoying this website development a ton!

Florida is now on the map!

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The growth is still to much to keep up with.  Now we’re backlogging ourselves for quite a while, and that’s fantastic – I’ve got plenty of work to do around the clock.  This time around we have a client in Florida, a city called Cape Coral.  This is actually on the west side of Florida, facing the Gulf of Mexico.  So, when a person is searching Homes For Sale in Cape Coral, then this site is going to be their premier site for finding a beautiful one!

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